Apple 2


This site still being worked on, so watch your step.

This site has EAC (Erie Apple Crunchers) Apple // Disk Of the Months library and hopes to preserve.  I do plan to put other Apple // software on the site. The software is in Shrink-IT SDK (Shrink-IT Disk) format.  Ready for you to download and transfer to your real Apple //.  There is plans to put .dsk images for those using emulators, however there is no time period when this will be done.  I'm currently looking for someone who is willing to take on this project.  Also I plan to have pictures of Apple // hardware on the site as well.


Erie Apple Crunchers Disk Of the Month (DOM) disk images.

Click here to go to E.A.C (Erie Apple Crunchers) web site.


Fine print.

This web site is own and maintained by Locutus. Even though this site provides the EAC DOMs. It is being done so by the kindness of my heart to help preserve EAC DOMs and the Apple // library. If you have any questions or you find there is questionable software on this side. Send E-mail to


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